No matter what age you are – unwanted body hair is a fact of life, which becomes especially annoying in the summer. Unfortunately, shaving can lead to cuts, skin irritations, and ingrown hairs. Moreover, laser removal is a costly, long and painful process, which does not necessarily guarantee a perfect result. Waxing is not perfect either, but it is way cheaper than lasering, lasts much longer than shaving, and can easily be performed at home.

At-Home Waxing Tips

Can you imagine yourself as a hairy-legged woman dressed in a designer bikini? If not, at-home waxing tips could be a great help!

Never wax just after sunbathing or after a visit to the tanning salon. Tanning always harms epidermis. Consequently, when you are putting hot wax on it, pulling and ripping it off can peel a few layers of your skin, and you can end up with visible bruises.

After waxing, wait at least a few hours before going into a hot tub, sauna, or a public swimming pool. Otherwise, you might be in danger of getting unpleasant skin infections. Slight damage to the skin, caused by waxing, coupled with improperly maintained water provides a breeding ground for bacteria.

Waxing Vs. Sugaring

Waxing and sugaring are often put in the same category of hair removal because they’re somewhat similar in the way they rid hair, ripping it out from the root. Sugaring is the temporary removal of hair using a sugar paste.  The effects of sugaring are similar to waxing but the method differs in its application and removal. 

Sugaring is ideal for sensitive skins as the sugaring formula does not need to be heated so there’s no chance of burning the skin. Wax is applied warm, but sometimes overheated causes a skin burn.
513_3239984.JPGIf you decide to do waxing or sugaring as a career, beauty therapy courses in London will teach you the techniques on becoming an aesthetician for hair removal.

Once the beauty therapy course has been completed you will be confident in how to conduct a consultation and be able to offer a range hair removal services.